About the Project

Über das Projekt

The preservation of the far-flung and complex heritage of German Jewry has only been possible because of the networked collaboration between many institutions. These networks aren’t so far embedded in an overarching network that offers an overview of the different institutions, which are dedicated to the preservation of the German Jewish Cultural Heritage.

The project GJCH would like to close this gap and wants to develop a databank that offers an overview over the different institutions. Existing databases could be linked and the creation of new ones could be supported. GJCH would like to initiate a networked collaboration on a long-term basis between as many institutions as possible. With the cooperation of persons with a variety of historical, national and religious backgrounds a more nuanced picture of the German Jewish cultural heritage could be produced.

The database is equally supposed to save German-Jewish documents from decay, systemize these documents and make a global immediate access to historically valuable primary sources possible. Limited access to sources is to be improved; unfavorable surrounding conditions are to be upgraded. For future generations, a long-term access to the sources should be ensured and a basis for a sustainable use of the acquired knowledge should be provided just as cultural oblivion, which would cause as well a loss of identity, could be counteracted. A sustainable use of the acquired knowledge is a question of substance to.

The project’s aim is to find out to what extent the immigrated culture has connected with the culture of the country of arrival and if there has been a mutual influencing of the cultures or even a fusion of the cultural traditions. The focus is not only on the emigration during the National Socialism. The emigration of the 18th century, which received less attention is an important issue, too.

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